See you again

Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. This time we lost, and I don't have any words to describe... I'm both mad and sad because this was never meant to be.. you were suppose to do this and that, so much stuff.. But I guess the pain was too much, you just couldn't take it anymore..... Continue Reading →

And I know

Delicious right? 😳 just by looking at it makes me hungry 😋 I know I've been super lazy to update my food blog but here it comes, I don't know why but we noticed later that I had paid for something extra, since it was only a really small amount, I decided to not ask... Continue Reading →

3rd warning

We were suppose to study math but instead we were silly and listened to our weird songs. We both had good laughs and we looked at each other all the time smiling and just enjoying our time together. So *driing* to you, what is driing? It's from a song, the guy in the song made... Continue Reading →

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