Delicious food 🥘

Another day another good, why do you love food so much Vincent! You gotta take a break and eat more salad 😳🤣 Nah just joking, but my blog is mostly about food so I will try to post like 2-3 posts about food every week. Fighting flames of fire Hang onto burning wires We don't... Continue Reading →

Enjoy the sun

The sun is coming back and we have been waiting so long, finally! I always preferred sun before snow, you don't have to wear that heavy jacket anymore and people are actually smiling more when it's sunny outside. Took this picture last summer but damn, more sun for Vincent! 😍 and food of course! Enjoy... Continue Reading →

My favorite cola

Damn, I just finished my text and the app crashes so I gotta write again.. You know the feeling when you for no reason at all decides to buy a cola you never tried before and then, when you open it and taste it.. Oh man, it just feels good, the cola is super cold... Continue Reading →

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